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Pet Financial Assistance

Our pet financial assistance list offers a comprehensive guide to available aids for pet owners in need. A must-have for anyone facing financial constraints but dedicated to their furry companions.

General Financial Assistance For Pets

  1. The Pet Fund
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Provides assistance for non-basic, non-urgent care (e.g., cancer treatment, chronic conditions).

  2. Brown Dog Foundation
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Offers funding for pets likely to recover with treatment but whose owners can't afford it. Approval in 2-5 business days.

  3. The Onyx and Breezy Foundation
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Supports various needs, including veterinary bills. Requires a diagnosis and cost estimate from a vet.

  4. Paws 4 A Cure
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Provides assistance for medications and medical equipment. Does not cover routine care.

  5. The Mosby Foundation
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Helps with care for critically sick dogs. Excludes diagnostics and routine care.

  6. Magic Bullet Fund
  7. RedRover
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Provides various types of assistance for pets in need.

  8. Pet Assistance Inc.
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Aims to keep pets in homes during financial crises. Requires an estimate from the vet.

  9. Bow Wow Buddies Foundation
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Funds urgent care for sick or injured dogs. Maximum aid of $2,500.

  10. Diabetic Cats in Need

Specific Assistance Programs

  1. Guide Dogs
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Offers financial assistance for guide dogs.

  2. Assistance Dog United Campaign
  3. Planet Dog Foundation
    • What They Do: Provides funding for service dogs.

  4. Sadie Dog Fund


  1. Waggle
    • Website:
    • What They Do: Crowdfunding platform for pets in crisis. Create a campaign with your vet's info and medical estimate.

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