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Mobile Animal Clinic

Our past as a mobile animal clinic continues to inspire our personal care and innovative approach to veterinary care. Read more about our veterinary hospital's history below:

Our Mobile Animal Clinic History

Mobile Animal Clinic was founded over 50 years ago, in Omaha, NE, and was one of Omaha’s first house call veterinary service providers. In 1987, we began offering appointments at our current location, which expanded over the years due to our loyal clients and dedicated staff, until it became the fully-equipped veterinary hospital you see today. 
As our veterinary service offering grew, so did the breadth of medical care and technology available to keep beloved pets healthier for longer. There was more value than ever in bringing your pet to a physical animal hospital, so in 2011, we discontinued our veterinary house call service altogether. However, as you can imagine, our name occasionally caused confusion to new pet owners in the Omaha area, or folks interested in a truly-mobile veterinary facility. 
It made sense, then, to consider changing our animal hospital’s name to one that reflected our permanent location, but at the same time, not something we approached lightly, given our long-established brand. As new, local, veterinary house call services have continued to pop up, we’ve gotten more and more excited about explicitly recognizing our permanence in the neighborhood that has allowed us to flourish over the years. Therefore, in May 2020, you’ll notice that our name changed from Mobile Animal Clinic to Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital! 

To be clear, our convenient location remains the same with the same compassion and quality of medicine. Following Dr. Jensen’s retirement a few months ago, the leadership of our hospital transitioned to Dr. Kati Lackovic, a familiar face to clients with deep roots in the local Omaha community. Dr. Lackovic was born and raised in Omaha, attended grade school just down the street from our hospital, and high school just ten minutes away! 

We are also excited to welcome Drs. David Eaton, Tiffany Haney, and Trent Shrader to the Prairie Lane family. They look forward to meeting many of our clients and pets in the coming months.

 Dr. Lackovic and the team are thankful to be able to continue to provide the highest level of clinical service and veterinary care to your pets, and we hope that if you have any questions about this change, you’ll let us know by giving us a call at (402) 267-9813. We are always here to help. 

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