Genetic Testing

Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer genetic testing for pets! Genetic testing involves collecting your pet’s DNA, which in turn provides us with a wealth of information. We will take a small blood or saliva sample from your pet and will ship it off to a lab for analysis.
By collecting a sample of your pet’s DNA cells, we have the ability to run a multitude of tests that can provide us with valuable information about your pet’s genetic make-up including:
  • Checking for genetic disorders
  • Helping predict what a pet’s offspring might look like
  • Identifying a pet’s breed
Although we can perform genetic testing on every breed, some breeds in particular that we recommend partaking in genetic testing are Dobermans, Collies, and Golden Retrievers.
If you are interested in the costs of genetic testing and the next steps, you may schedule an appointment with us! Prices vary by test. Please give us a call at (402) 333-3847 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

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