Exotic Pet Services

Just like cats and dogs, exotic pets need veterinary care too! Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer veterinary services to exotic pets with the experience of Dr. Trent Shrader. Dr. Shrader will see birds, rodents, reptiles, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits, snakes (except venomous) and other small mammals. Exotic pet services include wellness visits, sick visits, diagnostic and viral testing, and more. For the safety of our staff and your pet, we ask that all exotic pets need to be brought in a secure carrier.

Wellness Visits

Regular wellness exams are equally as important for exotic pets as they are for dogs and cats. Dr. Shrader recommends that exotic pet parents schedule an annual or semi-annual wellness visit for preventative reasons.
It is common for an exotic pet to hid signs of symptoms of disease and illness that may be unrecognizable to their owners. Scheduling a routine wellness exam serves as a powerful preventative for your exotic pet.
Once at the exam, you may ask Dr. Shrader questions about behavioral concerns, specific environment requirements, nutrition plans, and parasite prevention. We also kindly ask that you allow Dr. Shrader to handle the animal during the exam and wait to hold your pet until the exam is over.
Prior to coming in for your exotic pet’s wellness exam at Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital, we ask that you bring a fecal sample along with any other helpful medical records relating to your pet.

Sick Visits

If you suspect your exotic pet is experiencing signs of species-specific illness, it’s important to bring your pet in for a sick exam. Dr. Shrader is highly trained and qualified to identify signs of species-related illness early so that we may treat your pet as soon as possible. Signs of illness can include a sudden change in behavior or appearance.
During a sick exam, Dr. Shrader will assess your pet’s vitals, skin condition, dental health, pulmonary health, bone and joint health, and may order diagnostic imaging to pinpoint the root of the concern and provide an accurate diagnosis.
Remember, if you feel your pet might be experiencing signs of illness or sickness, please do not hesitate to call us at (402) 333-3847 to request an appointment.

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